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Michael Perrotta



Under the Sycamores/All'Ombra dei Sicomori

Available in English and Italian versions

This romance novel flows fast and inexorably like the calm waters of a river – but only on its surface. The author narrates marvelously, the apparent explosions of conflicting feelings from a woman (Emilia) trying to be fulfilled with her own life – then finding herself in need of love, fortuitously meets Nicholas.


The book so eloquently says. “Not who you are. What you’ve become. There’s a difference. Who you are – belongs with me!”

Available on Amazon

Novel: Fiction, 295pp

Author: Michael Perrotta
Price:  (€) 18.16
Published: First publication, August, 2012-Published by us in an updated edition, May 2020
Formats available: Soft-Cover; E-book


Available on Amazon

Oliver Sims

Novel: 308 pp

Author: Orliver Sims
Price: € 18.41

Published: September 2019
Formats available in Soft cover & E-book

Death is not Always Silent
Available in English Version


A fictional crime novel, “Death Is Not Always Silent” reveals the story and tribulation of Detectives Leon Sicardo and James McCooly.
Leon leaves Colombia, and “his” Sophia, due to the terrorist activities of FARC. With bitterness he has to uproot and then create a new life for himself in America; the land of opportunity.


Available on Amazon

Max Deveraux

For all $He's Worth 

Available in English Version

Novel: 219pp

Author: Max Deveraux
Price: (€) 16.99

Published: 2018

Formats available in Soft cover & E-book


The ignorance of not knowing the real modern outcomes of divorces can be costly and sometimes deadly.
Seven individual nightmarish divorce cases intermingle through a series of futuristic computer simulations heading us into this crime story.

Michael Perrotta


The Old Seagull & the Tide-Walker

Available on Amazon

After retirement, Mick fosters the decision to chase a desire that due to his circumstantial routine, work commitments and family duties had long been suppressed.
He felt life had passed him by.
He moves to Southern California to conquer a new found freedom and resurrect the dream that had gnawed him since his youth: to be an artist. Despite his efforts, no color seems to settle on the blank canvas in front of him until one day he meets a special friend.

Novel: Fantasy

82 pp

Author: Michael Perrotta
Price: (€) 8.27

Published: 2018

Formats available in Soft cover & E-book


Available in Italian, English, Spanish, French

Elisabeth Lovini


Intramontabile Amore

Available in Italian Version

Available on Amazon

We all know what love is, but maybe at the end no one completely understands it. But we all want to live it to the fullest.

Kiki is an interior designer for a prestigious international real-
estate agency. As far as possible, she has lived life and emotions with the happiness and disappointments, which at times love brings. Very cautious trying not to fall into the glamour and often presumptuous world of the jet-setters, she stubbornly adheres to her love of the elements of the earth.
What better place to start than Verona, the city of Romeo e Juliet.

Novel: Fiction

353 pp

Author: Elisabeth Lovini
Price: (€)  20.75

Published: 2020

Formats available in Soft cover & E-book


Anthony A. Perrotta

Me & McCoy

Available on Amazon

Available in English version, soon available also in Italian version



Author: Anthony  A. Perrotta
Price: (€) 19.95

Published: 2017

Formats available in Soft-cover & E-book 

A coming-of-age novel centered on two young boys growing-up in New Jersey, and the misadventures they undertake during their last days of summer before starting High-School.

Told through a series of humorous and nostalgic stories that build upon each other to a cohesive and poignant conclusion, as the two young heroes reach the thresholds of childhood and friendship.


Michael Perrotta

The Wedding Dress in Pink Ostrich Feathers / Piume Rosa di Struzzo sull'Abito da Sposa

Aavailable in English and Italian Versions

Available on Amazon

Veronica awakens and in a state of angst, questions her marriage.

This erotic love story is told in her own voice where she disrobes her emotional weaknesses. Then faces new and dreaded decisions bringing her to an inevitable love-affair oscillating her between Madrid and Manhattan.

Novel: erotically charged

328 pp

Author: Michael Perrotta

Price: (€)  20.75

Published: 2020

Formats available in Soft-cover & E-book 


Michela Mercuri

Four Steps Beyond the Door / Quattro Passi Oltre la Porta

Available in English and Italian versions

Available Amazon

A collection of fictional short-stories for young adults, “Four Steps Beyond the Door,” translated from orginal Italian "Quattro Passi Oltre la Porta," reveals the tales and tribulations of the most diverse characters; from mythical and magical beings to local folk tales.  

Short stories

102 pp

Author: Michela Mercuri

Price: (€) 12.43

Published: 2020

Formats available in Soft-cover & E-book 

Harold Lewis

nuova copertina

Reel Money Courses

Available in English Version

Available on Amazon

While most film schools teach you the technical side of making a dream film project, few if any, can open the vault of knowledge on how to financially make that dream a reality.

Our goal is to democratize the knowledge of an otherwise esoteric film finance world. Reel Money Courses seeks to bridge the knowledge-gap between those making films and those creating wealth through films. 


232 pp

Author: Harold Lewis

Price: (€)  149.27

Published: 2019

Formats available in Soft-cover & E-book 


Harold Lewis

The Big Reveal: Uncovering the Secrets to Film Finance...​

Available on Amazon

Available in English Version


72 pp

Author: Harold Lewis

Price: (€)  37.00

Published: 2019

Formats available in Soft-cover & E-book 

Introduction to film financing - "How to swim with the sharks without becoming lunch" in the preparation for your film pitch and structure of your Hollywood project.

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