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Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael, Publishing LLC

Privacy Policy

Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC was founded In 2016 and in a short period of time has published
works for more than 7 authors.
​We are renowned for our personalized literary fiction,
non-fiction, poetry, as well as trade and mass market publications.
BPC’s authors have won numerous important literary awards, American and Italian, over these past few years.
A substantial part of our portfolio is created by authors
from both sides of the Atlantic.
We specialize in translated literature (translations accounting for approximately 50 per cent of our books).

“I don’t want to live in a small world anymore!”
“Good, then do as you choose… live how you want to live.”


The Old Seagull & The Tide-walker by
Michael Perrotta



our authors

Our works cover a variety of literary genres to suit the tastes of a wide audience of readers.

Our authors include such present day literary stars as Oliver Sims and 
Max Deveraux known for their popular crime fiction and
Michela Mercuri known for her intriguing fantasy and mythological stories.
In addition, we represent the late Anthony A. Perrotta
with his ever interesting coming-of-age novels and his recently discovered war and sci-fiction works, soon to be published.
Elisabeth Lovinis “endless” love trilogy and of course Michael Perrotta’ novels based on “the twin soul,” which every one of us is forever searching in our life’s journey.
This “The Old Seagull and the Tide-walker” has been translated from English into Italian, Spanish and soon to published version in Russian.
Harold Lewis’ text books on film finance sets a new standard in
understanding this intriguing subject.

Our Activities

The number one rule of our publishing policy is “teamwork.”
Our editorial staff has been searching for interesting books and hoping to discover remarkable new authors.

BPC has a reputation for top-copy and line-editorial work, on translations as well as on original American and Italian manuscripts.
The cooperation between our internal editor and freelance professional graphic artists have made our books look distinctive.

This is a result of our very friendly creative process, which has always been open to new, young and beginning artists.
Recently we have made our offer more colorful; with trendy sci-fi and chic-lit titles.
Due to our winning combination of literary excellence, commercial success and quality, we have become a
trend-setter in the market for new authors.

Bellucci, Palms & Carmichael Publishing, LLC, was born in Hollywood, California and has expanded internationally.
The USA markets continues as its main territory, but BPC has expanded its roots in Europe and Russia.

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